Donate a jilbab to women in need


Our "Donate a Jilbab" scheme allows the Hassani community to share with us the costs of donating jilbabs to women in need. By contributing financially, our community will enable the donation of quality jilbabs in larger quantities, maximising the impact of this initiative. This shared cost approach ensures that the donated jilbabs are of good quality and suitable for the diverse needs of the recipients. It also allows for a more sustainable effort, as jilbabs can be efficiently allocated to reach a broader audience and make a meaningful difference in the lives of women facing challenges and financial difficulties. 

For every £15 donated, we will cover the remaining cost to be able to donate one jilbab to charity, plus shipping costs to the selected charities. Please note, there is 0% profit on these donations, and each penny donated from this will be going solely towards aiding us with tailoring and fabric costs. 

May Allah accept this from us all🤍