IMPORTANT - All sizes are a guideline and can differ slightly depending on the style, fabric, and cut of the product. If you are still unsure of which size to choose, please feel free to email us on, or using our contact form, and our team will be happy to assist you!


Thobe sizing (to fit near the ankles)

Thobe size Height (in feet and inches)
54 5ft6" to 5ft7"
56 5ft8" to 5ft9"
58 5ft10" to 5ft11"
60 6ft to 6 ft1"
62 6ft2" to 6ft3"
64 6ft4" to 6ft5 and above


Abaya sizing

Abaya size Height (in feet and inches) Approximate Abaya length from shoulder down (inches)
50 4ft10 to 4ft11 50 inches
52 5ft to 5ft1” 52 inches
54 5ft2” to 5ft3” 54 inches
56 5ft4” to 5ft5” 56 inches
58 5ft6” to 5ft7/8” 58 inches
60 5ft9” to 5ft 10” 60 inches

5ft10 +

62 inches


Please note: Our everyday collection abaya and batwing abaya differ in style, therefore the batwing abayas can appear slightly longer in your size compared to the other style of abaya.

We recommend going a size up if you plan on wearing the abaya with heels, or desire a slightly longer fit, however this could lead to the abaya being extra loose fitted.

Jilbab sizing

Our two piece jilbabs are one size made to fit all. Please note that they are loose fit and the skirt is straight cut with an elastic waist, so can be easily self adjusted (rolled up)


Half jilbab length (cm) Skirt length (cm)

From the front

133 110

From the back

156 110


One piece jilbabs

Jilbab size Approximate jilbab length from chin down (inches) Approximate jilbab length from chin down (cm)
50 50 inches 127cm
52 52 inches 132cm
54 54 inches 137cm
56 56 inches 142cm
58 58 inches 147cm
60 60 inches 152cm
62 62 inches 157cm


To choose the correct size, we reccommend measuring from your chin down to your desired length, then select a size closest to your measurement.

Please note, jilbab length differs slightly from abaya length, so you may need to size up/down based on your preference and where you would like the jilbab to end.

The back of the jilbab is slightly longer than the front. The measurements shown above are from the chin down the front of the jilbab.