To celebrate our one year anniversary since the launch of Hassanï, we decided to announce our “Hijabs4All” initiative!

A hijab is usually a Muslimah's first step towards modesty, before following up with abaya/jilbab. Putting on a hijab is a huge milestone for our sisters, and we would like to make your journey that little bit easier for you all.

We will have a monthly quota of hijabs which we will ship out directly to anyone who needs them. This initiative is to aid those who do not have the means to purchase a hijab or for anyone who may not have access to one due to their location or circumstance. If you fall under this category or know anyone who may do so, get in contact with us on any of our social media platforms. A single hijab could transform a sister's life and is a gift from us, to you.

We hope to make this a long term, monthly initiative inshAllah, and have now provided the option of donating towards the costs of this at checkout. 100% of proceeds will go towards funding hijab and postage costs for our Hijabs4All initiative, so spread the word!