Palestinian abaya | عباية فلسطينية

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The Palestinian abaya

Inspired by the olive (زيتون), a symbol of resilience, hope and unity.  

Crafted with care, the intricate design honours the rich cultural heritage, while the use of olive branches conveys a message of the Palestinian people’s strength. This garment stands as a wearable symbol, advocating awareness and empathy for our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

“In the same way that the trees can survive and have deep roots in their land so, too, do the Palestinian people”

 For every abaya purchased, we will be donating 100% of the sale to the MATW project charity, supporting the victims of Palestine. This will be funding food packs, medical aid and so much more inshAllah

Abaya details:

• Olive branch embroidery is only on the sleeves of this abaya

• This is an open, black linen abaya in an oversized wrap style and does NOT come with buttons  

• Comes with a complimentary, plain black chiffon scarf

• Must be handwashed to maintain the details of the abaya due to the intricate embroidery

• Please size up by one size if you want it to fit like your regular abaya length as due to the fabric choice for this abaya, it may fit slightly shorter than usual sizing