Baby blue one piece jilbab


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Our Luxury, baby blue one piece jilbab

Enjoy modesty with our soft touch, Korean nidha jilbabs, made perfectly for you, allowing you to feel comfortable and classy at the same time. This jilbab has cuffed sleeves for everyday ease, and flows so beautifully due to the nature of the material. 

Please note that the colour may vary slightly on real life due to images being taken under natural lighting

Sizing -

• Sizing of our luxury jilbabs is different to our regular one piece jilbabs. The size is the approximate length of the jilbab from the chin down (i.e. size 56 is around 56 inches from the chin down)

• The back of the jilbab is slightly longer than the front of the jilbab

• We advise to choose your regular abaya size for a normal fit. You can choose to size up/down depending on your preference